Architecture and concepts


Amend is a Platform–as-a-Service (PaaS) solution hosted on cloud.Amend helps you manage your application’s image resources in the cloud without having to worry about scale and performance. The resources are delivered by high-performance servers through Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Resources are uploaded, managed, and transformed using amend’s easy to use APIs and SDKs. Infrastructure used for these operations is infinitely scalable for handling high load and bursts of traffic.

Resource Storage

Image resources uploaded as well as transformed resources are stored and managed on amend cloud. High-performance cloud-based storage solutions are used for resource management:

  • High performance servers that support superfast upload and download rates.

  • Highly available storage that promises availability of resources.

Resource Delivery

Your application’s loading time is the key factor for user engagement, the better the load time happier the user.

Amend integrates with leading Content Delivery Networks, with thousands of global delivery servers. Correctly utilizing the CDNs with advanced caching techniques allows amend to offer efficient delivery of resources to application users across the world. CDN ensures efficient delivery of resources by distributing user requests and serving content from edge servers, less traffic is sent to the origin of storage.


Amend’s architecture is built from the ground up to support high load and practically unlimited amount of resources and their never stopping usage.

Amend’s service includes a multitude of powerful cloud-based upload and transformation servers which are ready to handle any load. Each server is optimized and tuned to handle very high rate of uploads, downloads, and image transformations. Amend’s servers automatically scale and easily manage high traffic peaks. Advanced load balancers are used to distribute the load to serve you better.

URL-based APIs and SDKs

Amend offers two ways to utilize its services one is through our URL based APIs and other is through our SDKs available for various platforms e.g. android, iOS and .net. These APIs and SDKs can perform all operations from transformations to delivery.

Secure APIs are used for management, actions like resource uploading and management of resources are performed through these APIs. Requests are authenticated and all parameters are signed using unique and private amend identifiers assigned to each customer.

The URL-based APIs offer open access to your application’s image resources though this access can be controlled using settings available in your control panel. The resource URLs includes parameters related to download and image transformation instructions. URLs are mapped to CDN distributions which pass the requests to amend servers and finally transformed resource is generated on-demand and delivered to users.

SeeAPI, URLs and access identifiers for more details.

HTTP and HTTPS access

Image resources managed by amend can be used by applications either through standard HTTP requests or secured HTTPS requests. Amend APIs also support uploading and transforming resources in both HTTP and HTTPS modes. Each client is assigned with plain and secure URLs for dynamically accessing any resource.

If you are using our client-side libraries (SDKs), our servers find out whether the visited page is served using HTTP or HTTPS and they build the correct resource URL on the fly.

SeeImage transformations for more details.