SDKs and URL based APIs


Amend provides users with SDKs to upload their image resources on cloud and manage them as per their need. We also offer a URL based APIs for downloading and transforming your image resources.

To use Amend services, unique account and project names are assigned to each customer of Amend. To understand more about usages of account name and other parameters related to usage of services please read further.

Amend name

You are assigned a unique name of your cloud account on Amend. We have created a demo account with the name 'test' as its unique amend name and this will be used as a unique identifier in URLs. The amend name is the parameter used as key reference while mapping public URLs with your resources that are stored on Amend.

You can find your amend name in the Account Info section in the dashboard of Amend Developer Console.

While accessing Amend from your applications, you need to define this parameter. For example, if you’re using our iOS library, simply have the following content in your info.plist file :

AmendName: "test"

Base URLs

The base URL for accessing the secure API of Amend is:<amend_name>

For example, if your amend name is 'test', the API base URL will be:

Using the amend name you can also access public image resources using dynamic URLs, these resources can be accessed either in plain HTTP or secure HTTPS.

Complete URLs of images include various sections including name of the resource and transformation settings. All of these URLs share the same base URLs i.e. one for HTTP and one for HTTPS.

You can check your base URLs and some sample URLs in the Account Details section of the Developer Console.

For example, if your amend name is 'test', the base URLs will be:

  • HTTP:
    • Shared CDN Distribution :
  • HTTPS:
    • Shared CDN Distribution:

Formation of full URLs for accessing your resources happens automatically for your application if you are using our SDKs. You can still build such URLs manually.

For example, if your amend name is 'test' and you want to access the uploaded file named 'baby', simply call:

In your HTML code you can simple call the following to show transformed image:

<img src=",h_168,fit_fill/baby" />

Read further for more details about URLs.

Access identifiers

Accessing Amend APIs or SDKs for uploading and managing resources requires secure authentication. For validating request and signing request parameters, amend uses your unique API secret.

Account Details Sample

Amend auto-generates a set of keys: API Key and API Secret. They are shown in the Developer Console’s dashboard. You are required to use them for accessing Amend APIs and SDKs.

If you use our SDKs, the requests are automatically securely signed with the set of key and secret you configured in the applications. For example, if you are using our iOS library, your info.plist file should include the following:


See the Upload image for a list of API methods, parameters, and response samples.